Green Screen – Mind The Map

Maria Fliri - MTM TV News

Implementing “Mind The Map / Don’t fence me inhas lead us to experimenting with green screen filming.
As one explorable media-element covering the chain of events of our protagonist, we will use mocked media-coverage. Several TV-newscasts will be placed throughout the Physical Narrative, condensing in a customary news-style essential strands of the story-arc, like the rescue of refugees on the Mediterranean Sea or the imprisonment of our protagonist exactly for doing so.

Maria Fliri - MTM TV News

Thanks to Alex Davies and Martin Musič we got an ultra-compact introduction in green-screen filming. Obviously far away from turning into experts within hours, we made first recordings with our “eternal star” Maria Fliri. Apart from being rather restricted with the lighting (we had to use a given light-situation in the theatre, already set for the evening performance), we – for a first experiment – are rather contended with the outcome. Keen where the material will take us!

Maria Fliri - MTM TV News

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