Pre-Opening STWST Fassade


“IVY-EX” started years ago, vivifying the facade of the STWST. What started once upon a time with “proper plants” will be now continued and adapted. New sprouts so to say have been developed and placed between the existing elements of the facade. A spring-driven clock work (in the widest sense of a clock work) have been built by Markus Luger, Marc9 and Stefan Füreder in our workspace for the last couple of weeks. The mechanical “chime of bells” can be listened too every day in-between 2&4PM, every 15 minutes.

Franz Xav from STWST gave a short introduction of what the work is about. What I remember the most is the almost meditative-pulsating soundscape of the piece – wonderful mechanical rhythms. Furthermore I recall him saying – “It’s a machine, which never will be finished.” Nice promise I’d say!


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