We gotta face it…

Time’s Up is getting older (old?). 19 in 2015… meaning, yes easy, 20 in 2016. Even though it can be seen more flexible… depending on wether we count the year we started the production of our first interactive installation (experimental situation, to be correct) as the “year of birth” of Time’s Up or will we take the year we first went public with that production – called the Hyperfitness Show (well, it had many more names, much longer and much more complicated, rather likely making all catalogue and/or flyer designers mad). Just some hilarious note on The Hyperfitness Show: this very show, was supposed to be a one-off project by these people gathering in 1996…

Oh well … a “few years” later 2015 … we just started to find people who want to help us plunging into our immense (only partly organized!) archives. Thomas Mayr will be one of them, he just started to run through the photo-material of a single year and came up with a handful of options to show them. Lets see what will grow over the next year.

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