Lucid Peninsula Video

Lucid Peninsula, our current Physical Narrative as part of Future Fabulators, conceived, developed and realized together with Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute and FoAM has been exhibited twice in autumn 2014.

Since we would love to tour it more often in the following year we thought of producing a documentary about it. What was rather perfectly scripted in theory, namely as an advertising spot for a new type of hotels turned out as a disaster during the production of the videoclip….

Before we started with the clip, I realized, that what I remembered as rather substantial video material (shot by myself during the exhibitions!) revealed as highly incomplete and even worth, badly shot….

Even though there is something like a short video on Lucid Peninsula now … we learned the following: It just needs to be set up again, since, at some point, we really want to produce a documentary about it! What I learned personally: Get more experience in shooting video again!

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