RE/CALLING Siachilaba

ReCalling RE/Calling Siachilaba, that’s how Peter Kuthan calls his future undertakings within the Austria Zimbabwe Friendship Association (ARGEZIM).

Yesterday evening we had the pleasure at the Time’s Up labs to get an insight in what will be included in that, well, “activity package”. There are already a range of steps taken to accomplish plans for the next few months.

RE/Calling as part of the title emphasizes the fact, that it is far away from a mere glimpse back on what happened over the many years ARGEZIM fosters a vivid exchange between Zimbabwean, Zambian, Southafrican and Austrian artists. The current plans are much more based on the continuation of interaction and exchange. Again, artists from both parts of the world shall be brought together, to work with and on existing material as well as producing new work together.

Out of personal experience we know, that if Peter starts forging out plans, even though they might change along their implementation, there will be a great outcome and an even more inspiring interaction between all sorts of people.

Already for early summer 2015 there will be a residency from Zimbabwean photographers here in Austria, connected with the Festival of Regions, taking place in Ebensee OÖ this year, further more, Deutschvilla, a gallery in Strobl, Upperaustria will exhibit “re-mixed” works from Calvin Dondo, Annie Mpalume, Time’s Up and many more! We are looking forward to continue our work on Tales on Resilience!


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