Futurish First Edition

Futurish copy

Right in time for the gift giving season. The first edition of the Futurish publication.

E-BOOK Version to find HERE

After the booksprint and some PDF wrangling, we looked at the ways we might get it ready for publication. The general vibe was: let it out! So this first edition, a rough user’s guide for and of futures, is out as a PDF. After a lot of, well, inexcusable is the politest expression, delays. Finally! We look forward to comments and criticisms, as early 2015 has had some time reserved for a revision process.

We would like to thank all of the contributors, who came together for a booksprint for four days in May 2014, Julian Hanna from MITI, Maja Kuzmanovic, Nik Gaffney and Alkan Chipperfield from FoAM, Peter von Stackelberg, Trevor Haldenby,  Marta Peirano and Istvan Szakats from AltArt. Not to forget Barbara Rühling from booksprints, who cracked the whip to keep us writing.

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