Defining Time’s Up very near future

It’s the time of the year where plans and ideas for the following year get cast into a mould – more precisely into a grant application for public authorities.

Grant Application DONE!

As weird as it might sound, but in recent years we started to appreciate that procedure. Not the whole bureaucracy around it, though! It seems as if the administrative bodies, producing the forms to be filled, try to compete with forms issued by the European Union Programs!

It is the process of summarizing a whole years program which is helpful in detecting which of the ideas, the activities and the fields of interests are indeed the once urging the most and simply need to be integrated into the application – ergo the next years schedule.

The projects/activities ending up in the paper often have been conceptually toyed with since a while, or even have been already part of our doing the years(s) before. Yet the process of describing them, preferable in a rather precise and clarificatory way, helps us, to get a better perspective on them, locate them, time- as well as content-wise.

Just a glance into 2015 – Future Fabulators will be big again, Changing Weathers will start getting big. Possible “Futures of Migration” will profoundly engage us including a Physical Narrative concentrating on sea-refugees, Lucid Peninsula (some images) shall be adapted and exhibited.

Furthermore we will start planning our anniversary… Time’s Up will turn 20 in 2016 and we feel like celebrating that. Lots more will come – certainly even surprises, which are always welcome.

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