Future Extrapolations

On the 19th and 20th of November we had the pleasure of participating in an Extrapolation Factory workshop at the Future Fictions exhibition in Hasselt, Belgium. Their workshop structure, heavily streamlined to get from a now situation to product prototype as quickly as possible, added a new string to our bow of experienced future techniques.


This particular workshop was aimed at developing simple products, packaging them and developing a TV Shopping Network style advertisement. All in just two days. Day one started with a 2-axis 4-way scenario development (where other processes often work carefully towards this, the Extrapolation Factory workers fast-forwarded us to this process with preset pairs and a worksheet to streamline production) and then dived into product development and packaging. By the end of the day we had storyboarded an advertisement and began accumulating images for a green screen composition with cheap acting (yes, us) and a voiceover sales pitch.


The process of turning that storyboard into an actual advertisement is, unfortunately, harder said than done. Luckily we had access to a professional video studio. Asking them later whether we were one of the more peculiar of their video shoots, they replied that they often worked with politicians, then smirked. At least we were admitting our peculiarities, it was said. With advertising for body extensions, ferret translators, in ear computers, mobile DNA analysis and pets that live beneath your skin, that was quite apparent.


The videos will be edited in the next weeks and should become available soon. We will keep you posted.

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