Narrative Strategies preparations

Presence / Future

Before long we will participate at the Narrative Strategies ’14 Symposium. Organised and implemented through MITI (Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute). With the title “Prototyping the Intangible” this years edition is embedded in Future Fabulators. Hence MITI asked us, as the coordinators of the joint pan-European project, to introduce the project as such.

Instead of only talking in how and why Future Fabulators came into existence, we decided to focus much more on why it needs to be continued.

A while ago – Anab Jain – Founder and Director of Superflux – an initiative, working at the intersection of emerging technologies and everyday life, designing for a world in flux – tweeted the following lines:

Thinking / designing for the future is not about *not* thinking / designing for the present. In fact it is more then ever about the now.

It might be Anabs Tweet, which could be seen as a wonderful explanation why we believe Future Fabulators needs to be continued. As banal as it sounds, but a future will turn into a present at a certain moment – and if there are ways and methods we can try making these arriving present into a more sustainable, a more decent, if not to say better, place, we just don’t see a reason worth trying!

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