Lucid Peninsula at Intimate Spaces Festival / Hainburg

Admitted: it was a close call. Pretty much every single element of Lucid Peninsula got finished in the very last minutes before we started wrapping, packing and loading the van… But: we left only a few hours behind schedule! And we made up for the delay, we even managed to be ready with the set up more than hour before the opening, enabling the joy of a decent dinner before an audience started to explore the space!

The first appearance of Lucid Peninsula is at the Festival Intimate Spaces | On the Reality of Dreaming and the Nightmare of Reality concentrating on the very specific intimate space of dreaming. It is carried out by IMA (Institute for Mediaarcheology) in cooperation with the Hotel Altes Kloster in Hainburg a.D. (AT) and shows 8 positions by 8 artist in 8 hotel rooms.

We are in great company – Christian Stefaner-SchmidCON-MACHINE as one example, Nightmare from Jogi Hofmüller as another and certainly Volkmar Klien’ Rezeptionshaltungen – just to name a few of the positions spread out in the hotel.

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