A Plant-Based-Filter-System turns into “OrganoClean Model 7B”.

Organo Clean

Starting point, as everything within Lucid Peninsula, was a scenario session carried out together with FoAM beginning in June this summer. A story-world was developed: “Lucid Dreaming” – fictional, fantastic, futuristic. Several of the world-parameter have been defined rather clearly, others have been left indistinct.

In an ensuing  Time’s Up internal process, we have taken fragments of these mutually sketched story-world and turned it into a base for a Physical Narrative we are implementing. Beginning with the future-scenario of an environment, which won’t provide us with our known biosphere anymore, we delineated something like a save haven. A place we, as human beings, can back out, can relax, get our body and brains cleaned, soothed and regenerated.

As the outside conditions turned rather hostile, though not deadly for human beings, we talked about an “air-filter-system” which should symbolically show the need of purification techniques. Plants. Oxygenic Photosynthesis. At the beginning we had some verbal descriptions… something along the following lines was wafting in our thoughts:

A jungle of green, leafy plants, part of the built in air cleaning and regeneration system. It could be like the Sprawl floor of a high rise from Neuromancer / Count Zero, lots of hydroponics; or more earthy with classical houseplants. Lit by special lights, either real grow lights or the more aesthetic green-yellow that makes them look more intense. Some sort of a “climbing crag of single plant-pots” which are interconnected via cables, strings & ropes, bellows between, partly liquid filled..

Single, lone, plant in a box, specially protected, a rare creature. Something to be protected and looked after in this harsh world. A filter system, air bubbled through an algae based filtration system, through plants somehow. A large version, cleaning the internal air, possibly with air input from outside.

Research, experimentation, prototyping picked up pace….


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