DreamScope Viewer and DreamScope Catcher

As a great enrichment of Lucid Peninsula our Future Fabulators Partner M-ITI (Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute) decided to embrace the scenario and collaborates since weeks directly with us to develop an interactive piece as a great virtual addition to the more haptic and palpable environment Time’s Up has in mind.

M-ITI Future Fabulators team, Mara Dionisio, Paulo Bala, Rui Trindade and Valentina Nisi dove into the Lucid Dreaming Storyworld and decided to give the visitors the opportunity to have a glimpse into the Lucid Dreaming World. This will be done through the following two formats:

DreamScope Viewer: a sort of virtual reality periscope giving the visitors a glimpse of the story world, but the idea is that the “telescope” is used by the characters of the story world to look outside and analyse the conditions to see if its safe to exit the room. For example, they could check how the temperature, humidity and visibility conditions, … etc.

DreamScope Catcher: a location aware mobile application where the visitors will have access to the lucid dreaming characters dreams.

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