From fabulating, via sketching to implementing a possible future.

Since weeks we are busy and having fun with implementing a fictional story world – allowing a glance into a world, in a not date-defined future consisting of a vast mixture of species, social groupings, political systems, a net of institutions, a range of occupations and even more dreams and fears.

Lucid Peninsula

A world which turned for some of the creatures – in specific the human beings – into a rather hostile environment. Special treatment to make their existence worth living is necessary.

Fragments of this world, aspects of an everyday life, represented through one inhabitant, a human being and its current occupation, will be displayed during autumn in several locations.

We will follow this person into a hotel room, similar but different to known ones in our current presence. Our character will feel safe in there. Impure air will be filtered, contaminated cloth professionally cleaned and purification of their organism is offered. Furthermore specific machinery, developed through the Dreamnet Work Assistance, scans dreams from willing participants to find indications helpful in re-establishing former living conditions.
Lucid Peninsula was contrived during a scenario session, lead by Maya Kuzmanovic from FoAM beginning of June. Lucid Dreaming techniques,  on an  abstracted level, played a crucial role in the process.

Lucid Peninsula, as part of Future Fabulators, brings all partners of the project together, working along different approaches on this fictional story world.

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