Step into Futures – Future Fabulators continued after 2015?

Six Italian cities (Cagliari, Lecce, Matera, Perugia, Ravenna and Siena) are short-listed for European Capital of Culture 2019.

Airan Berg, artistically responsible for the final submission for Lecce 2019, came to us, asking whether we would like to contribute with any artistic work or concepts.

As Lecce’s overarching approach is based upon a concept looking for a new European dimension we certainly became keen-eared. Under the slogan “Laboratory of change” they propagate eight utopias for Lecce 2019. In all of these utopias, enabling a high level of audience participation, we saw connecting factors to what we are investigating in and experimenting with at Future Fabulators.

salento - map

It could be indeed a perfect continuation of our ideas and thoughts provided and being focussed in FFab. The “closing the gap” aspects, bringing the extremes of utopian, technological, perfectly shiny, clean and glossy or dystopian, broken, violent, damaged future scenarios together, and these blended models closer to us,  as in the “average person on the street”, seems to be central in the conception of the (hopefully) future European Cultural Capital. It looks as if Lecce, as well as Salvento the surrounding region,  takes the challenge seriously to enhance the opportunities for regaining more agency in possible futures for the average citizen.

We proposed a four stage scheme of workshops to make futures relevant on a local level, leading to a festival and exhibition in 2019 that allows and encourages a haptic and experience based involvement with possible futures.

Let’s see how the European Union and other parties decide and see if there is another option for a future project in one of Time’s Up’s possible futures.

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