Mind the Map – continuation

The complexity of the subject – the past, the present and possible futures of the European asylum and migration policy – turns into one of our main concentrations again.  Due to a pile of highly interesting activities over the last weeks our research and implementation focus on “Mind the Map” became a bit of a back burner. This is in the middle of being changed and will continuously stay changed over summertime.

Mind The Map Next

Alongside the resumption of the research in it we re-approached and re-worked our implementation plans as well as steps already taken. We have cut out several superfluous aspects of the embodied story-version; in comparison we enriched the storyline, transmitted in a diary available in the planned the Physical Narrative.

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As we try to keep the core-elements of the storyline rather close to actual facts, we are glad to have interested and experienced experts amongst our network who are highly motivated in helping and supporting us with all sorts of legal aspects, collected experience and historical background. Furthermore we cooperate with active NGOs on-site in Lampedusa and Agrigento as well as other organizations being involved in refugee work in general.

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