NSR Sail meeting

The NSR Sail meeting is looking at what sort of technologies and systems will be useful for a future with transport isues – how will we move things around when dirty oil is not usable, when we need to utilise the forces of nature to a larger extent.

Times Up Boating Association

The North Sea Region SAIL project has been running for two years, looking at the ways that wind assisted transport can help deal with pollution and other issues in the North Sea region. Having been interested to join the last few conferences, it was a pleasure to be able to join this one. Hearing from some of the experts what is possible and what is probable, listening to some outrageous plans as well as some well analysed schemes, hoping that this was not all balderdash and self delusion: a great way to plan to spend a day.

It took me a while to find the location, amid the swarms of Tall Ships Race visitors, the hall where seats were lined up and a projector ready was a haven of near-normality. Registration was painless, as one would hope, I deposited a pile of Time’s Up postcards on the information table to…

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