Break your fingernails! – Robotics Workshop 2014

Today is the day. The annual held “robotics workshop” carried out by Marc & Tim started today. After several theoretical and background lessons spread out over the last weeks, the participants arrived sharp at 10AM in our workspace.

Robotics Workshop Day01

As a mere observer I saw an excited, interested, making notes and highly concentrated group of students from the Interface-Culture department of the Art university being busy with being introduced to all sorts of machines, tools, gear, material, electronically and mechanical devices and components.

Already a few hours later, the workshop was bustling with all sorts of hands-on activity. A vivid ambient noise, fed by drilling, sawing, welding and debating while sketching and drawing and discussing options and possible solutions. Everybody seemed busy, some of them with dismantling all sorts of devices, brought along, such as blenders, umbrellas and lots more. Others with preparing, obviously for further action, huge saw blades, all sorts of bicycle parts, loads of marbles and more.

Doubtless, there are dense days in front of the participants, still, one of the core-principles of the workshop, is that there is no need for a “completed product”! Much more important or actually required, as Tim phrased it the other day are: keen observations, a sense of humour and preparations for broken fingernails.

What I saw today, no matter if we talk about Davide Bevilacqua, balancing huge saw-blades above each other or Nina Mengin’s preparing old bicycle parts to turn them into a light sculpture; Alessio maltreating a perfectly functional looking umbrella or Sarah Lahhti punishing a blender, all of them, including Nathan Guo experimenting with a “Bikeyboard”, as well as Jure Fingušt ready to get a “Turbo Spanferkel machine” done or Deniz Saglam setting up a “Robotic Orchestra” while Cristian Villavicencio experiments with a “Mirror Machine” will match the requirements Tim phrased!

Results of the workshop can either be observed personally during the “robotics brunch” on Sunday, the 22nd/13.00 or digitally looked up (including the participants progress) at the Time’s Up Teaching blog.

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