An evening with pirates, floating villages, islands and artefacts of escape

Law and Lore of the Sea – a panel discussion comes to an end; only for now.

The last wine-glasses are cleaned, the remaining chairs & couches put back where they belong too and the workshop-space is ready to get turned into a multi-day realm of experimentation and iterative design for our annual robotics-workshop tomorrow.

But today, exactly this workshop space was still used to carry out an interesting and multifaceted panel discussion along the lines of “Law & Lore of the Sea“. It was the first part of a series of events planned on the subject.

We had the pleasure to listen to Sarah Sanders, Alfred Weidinger and Leo Schatzl. Moderated by Wiltrud Hackl. All speaker coming from different corners, have been illuminating their individual point of interest and studies connected to the subject.

Sarah Sander, a cultural scientist, introduced us into her rich and sophisticated research in piracy and its impacts and consequences in an Early Modern Age of the New World. Starting with “the pirate”, a figure defined and connoted as and with “the enemy of the mankind”; hostis humani generis she forged an exciting bridge between this part of the history and a current today.

Alfred Weidinger, amongst other professions an art historian, provided an insight into the the broadly concept of escape in contemporary art through his impressions collected along his occupation with Cuban artist Kcho. Recited in a delightful manner he narrated anecdotes and experiences undergoing in both of the countries, Cuba and Austria while preparing an exhibition of Kcho in Attersee/Austria.

As our last speaker we were listening to Leo Schatzl, an Austrian artist. He bent a bow along parts of his former art-work feeding into his current project Floating Village. From tabooed zones (in a very geographical manner) he explored as well as set up himself as a pieces of art, via perspectives and definitions of all sorts of shapes of islands, artificially created and naturally found, he ended in a brief introduction of Floating Village. An article (german) written by Wiltrud Hackl about Floating Village.

We are very happy about a highly interesting, informative and pleasant evening along which we not only had the chance to listen to the talks but enjoy the final bit of the event, a loose discussion, outside in the Time’s Up harbourside environment, its beauty as always a pure joy.

In a near future, due to the wonderful fact of having the honor of working with a great team from Dorf TV, there will be a video-recording online.

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