Future Fabulator in Residence

Mara Dionisio – working with MITI – one of our Future Fabulators partners – arrived today. She will be with us to work on joint developments dealing with Physical Narratives and Context-Aware Transmedia Stories for the following month. We are looking forward to integrate and interweave her interests in Game studies, Design and Human Computer Interaction with ours.

ILandProject - Mara / MITI

Together with Valentina Nisi and Jos P. van Leeuwen she was deeply involved in the iLand project, a Location Aware Multimedia Story project that captures and exposes the rich oral culture and traditions at the Island of Madeira, using the Madeira main city, Funchal, as a setting to bring a new level of engagement of the audience with the city and its traditional stories.

2 thoughts on “Future Fabulator in Residence

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