Future Lunchbox #3

I remember reading something about a “time-stockmarket” in 2009. It was along some research Time’s Up did for the then upcoming Data Ecologies on Money and its value. Back then it was an example being used in Japan for the care of the elderly. Children, living far away from their parents looked after someone needing help in their immediate surrounding and in exchange they got some sort of a voucher, enabling their distant parents to utilize someone close to them for looking after them. No transfer of money needed at all.

I should look it up. Find out whether it is still a used method in Japan. It is, as I learnt today (not with this particular focus on care for the elderlys, though) – in Austria and the Japanese model is actually used as a role model.

Christian Lanz, a member of “Wir Gemeinsam” (clumsy translated maybe with “us together”) has been our guest today and introduced their multi-leveled platform using the concept of some sort of “time-stickmarket”. You help someone with anything you are good in, you like to do, or something you wanted to try out for a long time and in exchange you get handed out a token, assuring that, for exactly the time you’ve put in, someone will help you.

Seems simple, plausible – still rather unusual in a world trying to maximize its profits and full of legal aspects to be taken care of.

It is highly recommended to look up their offers, cooperations, network,.. http://www.timesozial.org/index.php?id=38 (german only)

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