DE14 – Line Up finished // precise schedule still coming together

We allow ourselves to call our line-up finished. We look forward to meeting a great group of people who will, together with us and hopefully a large audience, discuss lots and even more about “language and tools to think out loud about futures.”

We are proud to announce the following speaker:

Eva Lenz – DE
Julian Bleecker – USA
Julian Hanna (MITI) – IRE
Justin Pickard – UK
Mara Dionisio (MITI) – PT
Peter von Stackelberg – USA
Scott Smith – UK
Trevor Haldenby – CA

We will miss others: like Fiona Raby from “Dunne and Raby” who just published a great book called Speculative Everything, as well as Agatha Jaworska from the Institute of Relevant Studies, being responsible for a “Made in Transit” – a supply chain concept merging production with distribution. Noah Raford unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute and Stuart Candy, deploying “experiential futures” since a long time, regretted his prior commitments.

All of them (and all those we didn’t even think of or contact) would have enriched the scope of discussion, bringing in additional aspects or approaching topics on the plate differently. But: contacts are made and we look forward to generate other occasions for catching up with them!

There will be a more precise schedule announced soon …

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