ToR – Exhibition Harare

The “official” opening of Tales of Resilience, with all sort of speeches (including ambassadors & consuls) is over & done with.

It was a pleasurable opening, especially due to the fact having 3 participants from the workshop in Siachilaba around. Margret, Bridget and Trinity had the chance to attend, 2 of them being the first time in Harare. Them seeing, viewing their own “artwork” being presented in the National Gallery was pure pleasure. Watching them, while they listened to their interviews they have given us while we were with them another great reason to attend the opening.

Our stay in Zimbabwe tends toward an end. “Hope your experience here leaves a mark in each of you, tell the world Zim is not that bad after all.” (Farewell from a person we have met during our stay) – It definitely did and we will spread the word! And we will try to find options to come back to this part of the world. Back to Zimbabwe.

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