Data Ecologies ’14 gets shaped

Internet – connectivity became a rare commodity for us over the last weeks. While enjoying being cut off a lot on one hand, we naturally felt the downside of it, too. Especially since we have to organize the biennial Data Ecologies symposium in parallel to our stay here in Zimbabwe.

DE14 - Postcard Sketch

Loss of mail-content, latencies in answers and indeed daylong offline spans become “normality”, still possible speakers have to be contacted and communicated with, all print-media as well as planned press-releases have to be produced, written and/or decided upon.

Leaving aside the fact that we will face an enormous pile of emails to be dealt with back in Austria, we still manage(d) to keep preparations for Data Ecologies (may all participating speaker condone all latencies…) going.

We are very happy about getting a line up together, including Justin Pickard, FoAM, Scott Smith and others, promising a highly interesting symposium.

Promise: first thing back to Austria (or where-ever we find a stable connection to our server) we will update

Data Ecologies 2014 is part of Future Fabulators – a project made possible with the support of the Culture Programme 2007 – 2013 of the European Union. Future Fabulators Partners: FoAM (BE), Madeira-ITI (PT), AltArt (RO)

In the Future Fabulators project we are looking at speculative futures and what they offer, promise and threaten. We are looking into ways to bring those abstractions down to a more comprehensible representational reality of what they could look like, feel like and act like. In Data Ecologies 14 (DE14) we want to dive into a discussion of how this process of concretisation works, how we talk about and design experiences of possible futures. We want to explore how to meaningfully engage others and ourselves in this process rather than get lost in a maze of messy statistics and internal, inexpressable mental images.

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