Christine Kollans Diary – MTM

Mind The Map (MTM) – our current “Physical Narrative” – is told from the perspective of Christine Kollan, our protagonist. She will be the one we follow the closest during “Mind The Map”. Having led a carefree life so far, her future is drastically thrown into disarray.

We will look over Christine’s shoulder and see the “clusters” she bundles to organize what she has to deal with. A range of props, relicts, media-snippets will let an audience explore her past, her present and her possible futures.

An audience can discover, that she has left her homeland more than two decades ago – having decided to travel the world rather than play an active role in the family business to finally settle in Naples two years ago. Her life in Naples is comfortable and worry-free. She spends most of the time pursuing her two passions, photography and sailing – she owns and regularly uses her own yacht. For a sailing passage at the end of September she plans to do a round trip: Naples – Sicily – Malta – Naples. This trip is to become the start to critical changes in her life.

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