ToR – Workshop Siachilaba

group image towards the end of the workshop

A summary on these recent days seems rather difficult. It’s been a challenging, interesting, touching and overwhelming experience. It still is, in particular since we are in the middle of processing all material collected and experiences happened during these days, as well as the fact that our that our journey throughout Zimbabwe pretty much just started.

All these stories and tales we were told, all these questions which we were asked. Both sides seemed to want to know as much as possible about each other in this very short period of time.

Differences in perspectives, approaches and passions became obvious, always appreciated as something positive. Well, apart from the complete incomprehension of Europeans not paying any bride-money… “What do you mean, you do not pay for your bride!? Have you no respect!”… Similarities have been sought, sometimes found. There has been a lot of joy, friendliness and openness. Language barriers have been wonderfully reduced through a great interpreter and certainly through “point it”. There has been some insight in both, the European and the Tonga cultures, traditions and rituals. Everyday life routines have been talked about, visions for personal futures as well as overarching ones for a whole world have been subjects of conversation.

Working out what will remain from this experience – in a balanced way for both sides – will take definitely some more time. Right in this very moment we are filled with a positive overload of information, great personal stories and the wish to continue this collaboration in the one or another way!

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