Future Fabulators Online Presence


Together with our partners of Future Fabulators we maintain several online-information pools for communicating all sorts of outcome and references developed and encountered along the process of the project.

One of these pools is “the libarynth” maintained by FoAM and wonderfully described through them as follows: ,. . . the libarynth is a parafictional, semifunctional (deeply intertwingled) collection of documents, notes and randomness (many of which are related to FoAM) in the smouldering rubble of babel.

FoAM set up and structured a section especially for Future Fabulators, which got restructured recently and gives already – a few month after the project started – a fairly good overview and insight on our current developments.

Future Fabulators on the Libarynth needs to be seen as a working space of the project, where we develop our work related to Physical Narratives, Context Aware Narratives and Pre-enactments, exploring possible futures through embodied storytelling. You can read more about the project, discover some of our evolving scenarios, find out about our sources and background research, follow our activity_log or dive into the unwieldy working notes.

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