Mind The Map – Implementation

After a rather long period of developing and shaping the detailed storyline, a few weeks ago we started to implement Mind The Map.


With Mind The Map (MTM) we develop another Physical Narrative –  a story-world which can be explored through the audience by inspection and analyse of the set up space. By this investigation of evidence, the circumstances of the narration, the story, the backstory and the world, is able to be reconstructed.

MTM is dealing with a rather politically charged issue all European nations are facing: Migration. With MTM we have chosen to tell a story from a rather subjective perspective. We established Christine Kollan. She is used to a trouble-free life as the uninvolved trust fund child of an Austrian industrial family and she is the one who, during one of her loved and intense sailing trip – rescuses a handful of shipwrecked boat people on her boat, triggering a  series of changes in her life.

She is the one, getting taken into custody, being accused of human trafficking and awaits her trial. Additional intra-familial strokes of fate add another level of complications in her life. Doubtless, it is quiet sudden, that her former life seems to fall into pieces.

The moment we (as in the visitor) meet her, is the one in which she starts to sort out all incidents and events descended upon her. All props needed to make obvious (meaning traceable in the context of a Physical Narrative) what happened in Christines life and to show connections (Chirstine finds) between these events – are in the middle of production.

Starting with a boat – journal (logbook), sea-maps and descriptions / representations of her boating trip, continuing with all sort of visual as well as haptic representations which exemplify her investigative custody, her pending trial and her bail-conditions, etc. Another cluster of representations is needed to visualise all company and family aspects. Christine, the only one in the family left over (after both her siblings being killed in an accident), has to decide upon the future of company (being internationally leading in the field of avalanche barriers).

Furthermore we have to have her “former” life shown, find some ways to make clear, that she never had to be worried about any financial insecurities. We have to transmit her understanding of liberty and we have to show how her understanding of liberty clashes with the a brutal truth of liberty experienced through people leaving everything behind to enter Europe.

Even if we started already a few weeks ago with the implementation, it is rather clear, that the production phase will keep us busy for another while! We are happy to already have a good number of people in the team to help and shape Mind The Map, though: still searching for more!

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