Future Lunchbox #1

On Friday the 22nd of November we had our first Future Fabulators Lunchbox. The FFab Lunchbox is a series of talks, updates, presentations, film screenings, etc. we plan throughout the whole timespan of the Future Fabulators project, supported through the Culture Programme of the European Union.


It was Mario23 who turned the brunch into a delicious experience. Thanks!!!

The common ground within this series is eating together. Either along some brunch or lunch we will present everything in-between existing models of sustainable alternatives of small-scale institutions and initiatives, current FFab-project developments, historical and utopian futuristic visions and much else.

Ira Mollay was our first guest. Being the initiator of Mutmacherei she introduced the elements and different levels of the platform, founded around 3 years ago. The main-trajectory of Mutmacherei is the collection, distribution and cross-linkage of present movements which are primarily solution – orientated.

The reason to start the Mutmacherei was – to put it simple – being sick of an the often heard “We can’t do anything anyway”. With the Mut-Map (map of solutions), as part of their activities, Mutmacherei shows through the extent of initiatives and projects how much is already done and happening right in this very moment.

It was an inspiring as well as very pleasant discussion which has shown, that resignation is not nearly the right solution.

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