Science Communication


Claiming I would have understood everything I’ve been listening to in this two hour lasting meeting would be an exorbitant exaggeration. Still, it was an interesting first peek through a keyhole into a world of the invisibility of our biological body.

Cells, molecules and proteins – the aspects, behaviorism and the heterogeneity of them. Biophysics and bioanalysis – the differences and intersections of it. Cross-, trans- and interdisciplinary of biology, medicine, biophysics, software-programming and chemistry. cross-disciplinarity of and in bio-physics and bio-analyses.

Under the moniker of “discovering the invisible” the Center for advanced Bioanalysis (CBL) in Linz develops new diagnostic methods to allow early detection of decease patterns.

The reason Time’s Up went there grows out of the interest by CBL to jointly develop methods to communicate their research and developments for a broader audience. Our approach towards telling stories as “Physical Narratives” attracted CBL. It seems like an interesting challenge for us – certainly seeing the need of a much deeper understanding on the topic from our side!

Science Communication interweaved with Future Fabulators. A “what if” scenario in the future, including medical progress in the future.

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